Death to the Dark Reign


Visitors: This is an active campaign, that plays every other Saturday evening at 5:00 PM PST since July of 2014. We currently do not have space for new players, but if interested, let me know in case something opens up. Our sister campaign is run by our group’s other GM (noelyuk on obsidian) on Friday nights. Check out his campaign (WFRP3 – Eye of the Storm/Enemy Within). We have players from around the America’s, Asia and U.K. Time zones are thus a challenge, so our usual play time is San Francisco Saturday night at 5:00 PM PST (17:00), which is Sunday morning in Asia.

ALERT: This campaign started in July 2014 based on the FFG published “The Gathering Storm” and contains spoilers up to the March 14th 2015 log. If you haven’t played this campaign but want to sometime in the future, don’t read any Adventure logs before March 15th, though to be honest, most of the activity since January of 2015 was original content and not from the published campaign. For instance, the entire Dr. Schneider story line and the “Dark Reign” are original and not from The Gathering Storm.

House Rules

WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

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