WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

A Garden in need


Field report # 37
Valdric Gruber – Initiate of Morr

Location: Stromdorf

Weather: To say it rains a lot here would be a gross understatement. I haven’t seen the sun since my arrival two days ago. The townsfolk assure me this is normal. Lightning frequently strikes within town and the surrounding countryside, again the townsfolk assure me this is normal. I have my doubts.

Populace: They are what one would expect from the armpit of the empire. Even a simple task like assisting me with finding a new owner for a small cat seems to be beyond their capabilities. The captain of the guard is full of himself and doesn’t take kindly to being reminded of his duties.

One “Father Magnus” a self-righteous “priest” of sigmar endlessly spouts nonsense about sigmar like most other sigmarites. It was like listening to “Faw F-Faw Faw-Faw-Faw, Faw”.

A man claiming to be a wizard of the celestial college appears to have an unhealthy interest in disturbing the local Garden. I made it clear to him that I would not allow him or any of his hirelings to disturb the Garden.

Oh yes, and an entire family was hung today for making deals with beastmen.

Local Cuisine: Limited selection. None of the items of my perfectly planned out meal were available. I was served some type of giant eel. The taste was… unique.

Initial opinion of Stromdorf: Unfavourable.

Proceeding to the Garden: I was asked by a local soldier to see to his recently deceased Mother. The woman had been dead a full day, perhaps two. The local priest of Morr had not come to tend to the body, and no one seemed to be in any hurry to see the proper thing done. This should have been my first warning sign. I spent the night preparing the body for transport to the Garden.

The following morning a trial was held and the previously mentioned family were found guilty of making human sacrifices to beastmen. They were immediately taken to a nearby field and hung.

After the hanging I led a small funeral procession (for the soldier’s Mother) to the Garden of Morr. Accompanying us was an odd group. One dwarf, another man claiming to be some sort of wizard, a guard, and a boatman that needed to identify the possible body of his missing captain.

As we walked towards the Garden I began feeling uneasy. In my gut I knew something was wrong. The uneasy feeling was coming from the Garden itself, and as we got closer the feeling of wrongness grew stronger… No one else appeared to notice anything, but they aren’t trained in such matters.

While waiting at the river crossing for Brother Grabbe I spotted a figure in a nearby bush. It was the local dung collector. Yesterday I discovered him to be a childhood friend of the decease’s son, so I told him to join us.

Brother Grabbe did not respond to the bell so the boatman swam the river and retrieved the boat. He received several bites from giant eels for his trouble.

At the Garden of Morr: Brother Grabbe was nowhere to be found. The preparation chamber contained three properly cared for bodies. One of the bodies was the missing captain. Surprisingly the dwarf was respectful of the place.

Entering the Garden of Morr: Normally I wouldn’t have allowed so many uninitiated people into the Garden but I couldn’t help feeling that something was horribly wrong. Upon seeing the state of the Garden my fears were confirmed. The black rose bushes were dying all over the Garden and I discovered an old tomb had been smashed, the body within was dragged away.

Following the trail: This led me to a mausoleum at the back of the Garden and as I reached over a dozen undead clawed their way out of their graves. The scene was horrific. A Garden fallen so low and defiled in the worst possible way. My heart aches at the thought and I am filled with an intense rage. The dwarf and boatman engaged with four of the zombies while I consecrated a semi circle around the mausoleum. Once complete the power of Morr held the undead at bay while we entered the mausoleum. The dung collector rushed ahead of us, saying something about finding Brother Grabbe. As we followed him through another door we all heard the sound of countless bones animating and joining together. The dwarf barred the door behind us and we proceeded downstairs.

Brother Grabbe’s chamber: The chamber was mostly normal save for a carved and decorated skull on Grabbe’s table. Playing with remains like that is not something a priest of Morr should be doing. These are the actions of a necromancer or their lesser cousins the Amethyst Order. I picked up the skull to inspect in greater detail what had been done to it, and the thing bit me! Without thinking about what I was doing I threw the skull against the wall and it shattered.

The source of the taint: While I was being bit the dung collector rushed over to a door along the north wall and opened it, revealing another disturbing scene. A large skeleton in full plate stood in the doorway, and beyond him was a half rotten female who was standing over the unmoving form of a man dressed in black robes. The woman declared herself to be “Lazarus Mourn” a male necromancer that the townsfolk claimed to have burnt over a year ago.

The battle: It was swift and vicious. I’m ashamed to say this being my first encounter with a necromancer since my village was attacked I didn’t perform as well as I should have. I struggled a great deal to invoke the power of Morr against the vile creatures and it was the dwarf that brought down the skeleton while the boatman turned the zombie woman into a pin cushion for arrows. The dwarf was grievously wounded, and he might not make it.

Current status of the Stromdorf Garden of Morr: Overrun with undead. After I confiscate all necromantic paraphernalia I will begin immediate cleansing of this Garden. This Garden no longer has a priest so I will remain in the area until one of my Brothers or Sisters hears the call in their dreams to come here. I have no doubt even as I write this that Morr is communicating with at least one of them.


Good work as ever Cory. I’m only sorry I missed the previous 36 field reports ;) Where I enjoyed reading it most are the parts where the pious nature of the Priest shines through.

A Garden in need

What sigmarites sound like to Valdric:

Previous field reports might appear at some point.

A Garden in need

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