WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

A Garden put right & a new task in sight


Field report # 38
Valdric Gruber – Devote of Morr
Location: Stromdorf

The weather: Seems to be improving after the removal of several Elven artefacts.

Populace: Noticeably fewer than when I first arrived in town.

Final opinion of Stromdorf: Unfavourable.

Status of the Garden: Brother Grabbe resumed running the Garden after I revived him and with the help of several of our brothers and sisters from Ubersreik. Over 500 years of Stromdorf’s dead have been returned to their final rest. It pains me to report that four of our own were murdered during a second attack on the Garden. Brother Grabbe was wounded but escaped with his life, and limbs mostly intact. The attack was orchestrated by Burgomeister Adler and a small band of his lackeys. Considering Brother Grabbe’s advanced age and newest injury I strongly recommend sending a trusted Initiate to train at the Stromdorf Garden.

Of immediate concern:
I’ve decided to take time off from my tour of the Empire’s Gardens to pursue members of the Black Reign.

Dr. Hartlieb Schneider – Necromancer: A former student of Lazurus Mourn and a member of the Black Reign. His methods of necromancy are crude and unorthodox. He eluded capture at the former home of Lazurus Mourn, fleeing with a female who is said to be a powerful necromancer and also a member of the Black Reign. Rumours I gathered in town suggest they are headed to Castle Reikguard. He will know the power of Morr’s embrace soon enough.

Most recent additions to the Garden:

Burgomeister Adler: Adler’s original theft of a pendant from Lazurus Mourn’s body was the cause of the necromantic attack on the Garden. Mourn was a known necromancer and was burnt for his crimes but before that happened Adler took the necromancer’s pendant and gave it to his young lover, Madriga. When she died Mourn’s soul seeped out from the pendant and reanimated her body. After I confronted Adler about his crime he tried to hire a bounty hunter Barrick, to kill me. Adler was slain three days ago at the former home of Lazurus Mourn after he attacked the Garden in a bid to recover Mourn’s pendant. The fool believed his necromancer masters could retrieve his lover’s soul from the pendant and place that soul in another vessel.

Keila Cobblepot – Halfling, owner of the Stewpot Tavern: Hung by order of the town council for murder and consorting with beastmen.

Waltrout Glockner – Town drunk and dung collector: A vile man working for the necromancer Lazarus Mourn. He was slain by my hands during Mourn’s attack on the Garden. Some form of spell was carved into his skin. Brother Grabbe and I made detailed copies of the spell before burning the body. Recommendation: Send several trusted priests to retrieve the papers, use extreme caution.

Lazarus Mourn – Necromancer: Burnt by the town one year ago. He is not a recent addition to the Garden, but a notable figure. His soul was transferred to a pendant before the execution. After Madriga’s alleged suicide Mourn claimed her body and attacked the Garden from within.

Madriga – wife of Sebastian Brenner and lover of the Burgomeister: Put to rest after being possessed by the soul of Lazarus Mourn. I suspect her first death was at the hands of her husband, after he found out about the affair. It’s also possible that the corrupting influence of Mourn’s pendant drove her insane.

The Holtz Family – Otto, Marie, Reiner, Fritz, Imelda, Klause, Little Otto, Hans, Ludwif, Erich, Johann: All hung by order of the town council for murder and consorting with beastmen. Against my recommendation their bodies were left to rot after the hanging. They rose up as zombies under the control of Lazarus Mourn and attacked the town. They have all been put to rest.

Olaus Stichelm – Revered hero of the town: Returned to rest after Lazarus Mourn’s attack on the Garden. A single tooth is missing, stolen from the skull by a bloodthirsty, trophy obsessed dwarf. Kurgi, a self proclaimed troll slayer (I never saw him actually slay a troll). Recommendation: If found, remove all human remains from his person and see them put to rest in a Garden. Extreme force will be required.

Niklas Schulman – Alleged Celestial Wizard: Slain in the Thunderwater Inn after breaking out of jail and setting fire to the Inn. Apparently he was trying to utilise the power of Elven Artefacts to…do something. The man’s head wasn’t on straight.

Reinhold Metterling – former resident, Empire Marine: Slain at the home of Lazarus Mourn for working with the treacherous Burgomeister and necromancers.

Balthus Thalberg – member of the watch: Slain at the home of Lazarus Mourn for working with the treacherous Burgomeister and necromancers.

Martin Wehrner – resident, wanted for murdering his wife: Slain at the home of Lazarus Mourn for working with the treacherous Burgomeister and necromancers.

Hildette Krass – Midwife: Murdered by the necromancer Hartlieb Schneider. She was caring for a homeless young girl, Selena. The morning Schneider kidnapped Selena he slit Hildette’s throat.

Other notes:

Watch Captain Arno Kessler: A fool of a man. A whole host of necromantic and chaotic activity took place under his nose. He refuses to see the truth even when slapped in the face with it. He employs worthless men that can’t man their posts and he is incapable of listening to recommendations about matters beyond his understanding.

Eduardo Castillo Rodriguez – Estalian drunk: He can spend countless hours endlessly droning on about fanciful and obviously made up stories about his own adventures. Locals claim he is good with a sword. All I can say is that the man never shuts up and drinks like a dwarf.

Reinhard the Rooster – Minstrel and Poet: The man literally dresses like a chicken and his singing sounds more like squawking. I’m from a small farming village and do not expect to be entertained by court bards, but this man couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Selena – 6 year old girl, currently in my care: Selena is hard to explain. Everything about her brings up memories of my past. I know she cannot be who she reminds me of but nevertheless I feel compelled to look out for her wellbeing. Her missing father is presumably dead, one of Schneider’s failed experiments. However her mother still lives and resides in Altdorf. I intend to find this woman and return her daughter to her. Perhaps I will also find answers to my questions.



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