WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

April 4th - Dr. Schneider's Villiany

And Elisabet shot on the Sumptrasse

In the aftermath of the brewery fire, the guard on Dr. Hartleib Schneider’s office left to help fight the fire. Apparently, Dr. Schneider took advantage of the lapse to recover his possessions. How did he know there would be a fire? Or has he been in town, watching for the opportunity all along?

Utterly disgusted with the ineptitude of the town watch, Valdric and Barrick haste to the the house of Hildette Krause, the midwife who was caring for the 6 year old Selena, concerned for their safety. Their fears were indeed justified – they find Hildette dead on the floor of her hovel, her throat slit. Selena was no where to be found.

Barrick notices the muddy tracks on the floor are of a distinctive color and is able to track them south on the Sumpstrasse back to the market square, where they turn west, seemingly toward the western Reikland gate.

There in the Market Square they find Kurgi and Dietrich, loading the map stones onto a cart. Dietrich has decided to take the stones to his college in Altdorf and seek the counsel of the eldars of the Grey order. Kurgi of course will accompany him. Wally has brought Professer Kopfchen to try to dissuade them from leaving, as the Professor hoped they would use the mapstones to re-energize the ancient elvin Waystone and end the curse of bad weather that has hung over the Stromdorf region for a thousand years. But Dietrich’s mind is set, and the Professor decides instead to accompany them to Altdorf.

Meanwhile, Joachim and Elisabet continue work on rebuiliding the Eidelweiss, pulled up on land at the docks outside the northern Altdorf Gate. A Keel Boat arrives and a man debarks and asks to be directed to a merchant. Elisabet whispers to Joachim that she knows the boat that they arrived in, and that until a few weeks ago, it was owned by a halfling family, the Riverfoots. She smells piracy. Joachim and Elisabet stop work to follow him through the Altdorf gate, and to arm themselves.

A new face enters the story. Sigmarund, a Zealot of Sigmar, arrives after a long walk from Ubersreik. He has been sent here to meet Lector Magnus and seek information concerning a hinted at evil organization, the Dark Reign. Back in Ubersreik, a member of this group was caught and captured. He died under torture before revealing any useful information, but had been carrying a message to a Dr. Hartleib Schneider in Stromdorf. The good Lector informs him that there is a manhunt for Dr. Schneider and suggests he ask Captain Kessler for more information. Exiting the Temple, Sigmarund walks past Valdric and Barrick as they ask Kurgi and Dietrich to delay their trip to help them seek the evil Doctor, and he overhears “We must go to Lazarus’s Mourn’s house, where we suspect Dr. Schneider will be found”. Sigmarund stops to find out if this is the same Dr. that he seeks. Indeed, it is!

Elisabet and Joachim pass by, having picked up their weaponry, only to see the suspect boat captain exit from Hanko Mucke’s merchant office on the Market square. They confront the man, who draws his pistol and shoots Elisabet in the chest. Joachim fires his crossbow at the man. A lucky shot pins him to the wall behind him. Wally thinks fast and grabs a handful of sand and flings it into the man’s eyes.
Elisabet_Shot.jpg Elisabet, fire in her own eyes, places her rapier at the blinded mans throat and demands that he drop his pistol and surrender. As blood streams down her back, Barrick approachs with his manacles. Only after the suspected pirate is shackled does Elisabet collapse on the ground from loss of blood. How fortunate that they are right outside the office of Barber Surgeon Rolf Messer, who hearing the shot, rushes out. They carry Elisabet into his office where his fast treatment stops her bleeding.

All these different events have brought everyone to the same place, the Market square. Kurgi and Dietrich loading a wagon, the Professor arguing with them. Barrick and Valdric, preparing to leave to seek out Dr. Schneider, now joined by Sigmarund, who has a similar goal. Wally and Joachim, having seen to the capture of the pirate, and ensured that Elisabet will live, decide to join them.

Together, they exit the Reikland gate into the foggy mist, bound south to the house of Lazarus Mourn.



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