WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

Campaign Introduction - The Gathering Storm

Stromdorf – The Armpit of the Empire!
aka The Gathering Storm

ALERT: This campaign is based on the FFG published “The Gathering Storm” and contains spoilers. If you haven’t played this campaign but want to sometime in the future, stop reading now!

Sitting in the parlor of the Merchant’s Guild Hall, you listened to the Guildmaster as he described the work that he was offering you.

“If you can find Florian, the guild will make it worth your while”. The guild master leaned over the table between him and you. “He is an important member of the guild, not just a member. His signet ring is therefore particularly important and valuable. We are offering the goodly sum of 60 SP for each of the 4 if you can locate him….but will give 5 GP (gulp!) for the return of the ring. Hopefully the ring is still on his finger, and you can return them both safely to the guild. But if not, well, we want the ring back very much.”

As you questioned him further, you learned that members don’t necessarily keep the guild aware of their schedules, but it was known that Florian did a run to Stromdorf about every 2 weeks or so. But he is usually seen at the guild every few days. He does occasionally take longer trading trips, so the guild didn’t start getting concerned enough about the fact that he hadn’t been seen at the guild until about a week ago, when guild member Hagar Henley was assigned to make inquiries.

When Hagar started to ask around with other guild members, he learned that no one had seen him for two weeks. Same with the people that live near his small home in Ubersreicht. He did learn that Florian typically hired a couple guards from the Guardsmen’s Guild when going to Stromdorf, as the forests north of Stromdorf are considered to be dangerous. Beastmen are sometimes seen and attacks on travelers on the road are not uncommon. (Hence why river transit is the preferred transport for that area).

The Guardsmen’s Guild is an organization for swords for hire. Most of its members are former military or watch who are working for themselves rather than the military or city. Hagar’s inquiries there found that Florian had hired two Dwarven guards, .Garvis Stonecleaver and Larrot Ironfist two weeks ago. The guild members had not seen the two Dwarves since, but were not concerned because it was known that they planned to travel north after this one last job with Florian.

While the Guardsmen’s Guild weren’t concerned, putting all this information together had raised the concern level with the Merchant’s guild. "And that has led us to look to engage a group of strong, clever and talented ones as yourself. When Roadwarden Birgitta overheard us asking at the Guardsmen’s Guild, she approached us that you might be able to take this on, and we asked her to arrange this meeting " As he speaks he tips his hat to the tall blond looking at him with her usual intensity.

“My guess is that you are going to want to go to Stromdorf. Do you know Stromdorf? It has without doubt the worst climate in the region. Some say the worst climate in the whole of the Empire! So I would advise you to make sure you are well equipped with oilskins before you embark on a journey there. And be prepared for the smell. Between the rain and mud raising up all the smells of a city, it is home of a tannery. Many call Stromdorf “The Armpit of the Empire” … an epithet which, in my humble opinion, it richly deserves".

Hagar spoke up and gave you a description. Tall, thin with blond hair and a goatee. He makes trips with a wagon drawn by two ponies, one a distinctive white one. The Dwarves were..well Dwarves. Short, armored. Garvis had a red beard, Larrot black with tinges of grey. Garvis carried a war axe, Larrot a great sword. Each had his own small horse."

Hagar and the Guildmaster stood and motioned that the meeting was over. “I wish you luck, and remember, the ring is very important to us. Hagar will give you your stipend. We thank you for your attention to this matter.”



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