WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

As well as NPC and Place List


Short Event Summary
Travelling north on the river, forest lining both banks. It is dusk and Elisabet recommends anchoring for the night—-sailing on the river presents a high risk of collision with unseen flotsam.
Anchoring for the night, the group takes watches. Valdric and Wally hear distant pistol shots to the north and later see the glow on the horizon of something burning.
The next morning they set off, and eventually pass a burning, wrecked boat. “Wreckers – River Pirates” Elisabet says. 3 burned bodies lie on the deck, one unburned male body floats in the water. It is not Dr. Schneider. Valdric says prayers over the burned bodies but insists on taking the intact one for burial at the next town.

Stopping at the village of Dresschler. they learn that the body is that of Captain Georgi Cannon, often seen sailing up and down the river. Valdric takes the body to the village Garden, and helps the inexperienced young initiate with the needed rituals.
Kevin Carlson excuses himself to go into town and enjoy an ale…but he prefers to drink alone. He enters the tavern “The Hangling Noble”. Sigmarund and Barrick follow and witness him talking to the Barkeep. After he leaves, they themselves talk to the barkeep. He at first hesitates, but presented with the princely sum of 5 SP, his tongue loosens and he tells them that Carlson gave him a written note, telling him to give it to a man who will introduce himself as “Francis”. “You are Francis, right?” the barkeep says with a wink and a nod.

Sigmarund meets Valdric before re-embarking so as to ask him to read the note, out of sight of Carlson. It says “They go to Rottfurt and will stay the night. On the trail as suspected. No suspicions.” Sounds like he is in league with the Doctor, and a trap is being planned.

As the Eidelweiss sets off down river, Valdric, Sigmarund and Barrick confront the swarthy suspicious Carlson.

GM’s note
What followed was a lengthy, appalling, but for me the GM, an very enjoyable interrogation sequence. Carlson had strong willpower, a good poker face and what the party didn’t know, was a trained spy. Several failed intimidate rolls meant that he wouldn’t talk, but instead edged over to the side of the boat and attempted to jump off. Barrick detected the motion with a hard observation roll just before he leapt and tried to catch him, but failed his coordination roll – but Sigmarund succeeded. Hanging him head first over the edge of the boat, his feet manacled, the interrogation continued with more intimidate rolls, to no avail. Pulled back aboard, he was punched while restrained, breaking his nose. He still kept his silence. Sigmarund attempted intimidation with a drawn pistol. Nothing. Only Valdric’s Morr enhanced hideous demeanor succeeded in breaking him with a failed fear check. Valdric’s dagger to his throat, bleeding from broken nose and throat, he talked. When nothing more was to be gotten from him, Valdric’s and Barrick’s execution of him was stopped only by the scream of 6 year old Selena, who they had forgotten would be witnessing the whole thing. Nevertheless, as Valdric calmed her with a successful hard charm roll, Barrick silently dumped the still living but bound Carlson overboard. The whole sequence was entirely unexpected by me the GM and unscripted, but a great example of how the WFRP dice and skill system really can work to tell a story.

From this they learned that Carlson had been hired by Schneider back in Stromdorf to take passage with the group, watch their activity, and at every port of call, leave a note describing what he had observed at whatever tavern was closest to the dock. He would give it to the barkeep, paying him to keep it until “Francis” asked for it.

Continuing to sail North, the PCs discussed what to do, and finally decided to try to turn the apparent trap around, by leaving a note at the next port of call, leading whoever was in wait to come find them at a place of their choosing. Valdric had actually been in Rottfurt before in his travels, and suggested using the Garden of Morr as the location of the trap. Docking at Rottfurt, Barrick went to the closest tavern, “The Sodden Wench”. There he left the note, but also learned a lesson about flashing a pile of silver in a brass tier bar. Sodden wenches were involved, but the GM is sworn to secrecy about actual events :-) Proceeding to the Garden of Morr out of town, Barrick feels he missed something. He also realizes he is being followed. At the Garden, the group lies in wait. But in the dark, unlit Garden, they learn just how stealthy a halfling assassin can be. Having almost succeeded taking down Valdric, Sigmarund silences the assasin, while Joachim takes out the other halfling as he tries to escape into the darkness. The double length session ends just as the Thugs at the Garden’s entrance succeed in breaking down the Garden’s door….
Jim and Davy – wish you had been there!

Cast List
On the Eidelweiss
Kevin Carlson
Sandra Mardh
Daniel Derrick

NPC party members
Elisabet Schnorr

Known Adverseries
Dr. Hartleib Schneider, researcher into re-animation and Dr. Frankenstein Wanna be
Kalida (last name unknown) – Necromancer, beautiful, great body and dressed to show it.

Villiage of Dresschler
Georgi Cannon – dead captain found on the burning wrecked Keel boat.
Brother Lambert – young, inexperienced, but well meaning initiate of Morr.
Tavern, “The Hanging Noble”
Tall, thin barkeep (name unknown)
Dockworkers, Harbor master

Tavern “The Sodden Wench”
Short fat Barkeep, name unkown
Two skanky prostitutes, names unkown (one dark unwashed hair, bad teeth, red low cut dress)

Garden of Morr
Brother Kaube
Sister Enberg
Gravewardens Dresden and Albrecht
Halfling Twins: Assassin Falco Greenbottle and Thief/Conman Bungo Greenbottle
Thugs (unamed)

Village and Castle of Reiksguard


Another great session.

What I learned from all of this is that Valdric should stop getting into combat and instead just focus on burying the dead, and scaring the piss out of the living.

P.S. I loved the fact that even when Jim is away Joachim still manages to get the kill steal. +10 points Joachim

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

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