WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

How to make friends and influence people at the University...

Only Sigmar's Comet saves the group from arrest...

As evening approaches, the party again crosses the city from Morr Town in the South East to the Temple of Morr near the University. Valdric briefs Inquisitor Braun on what they found at the Necromancer’s (Otto Wexler) flat in the slums. Valdric presents him with the Necromatic tomes he found, as well as the scroll with the names of several new contacts (The Robe, The Librarian and The Finger), adding to the growing list (The Bridge, The Monk, The Librarian, The Flower).

Liesel, knowing how disruptive Gutz can be (well really, how annoyed Valdric gets at him), offered to distract him. Teaching him how to operate a trap to catch a cat in an alley way did the trick. Strike one stray cat. Gutz appetite was appeased, for about an hour.

It was dinner time, but the humans had completely lost their appetite from one of Gutz’s feedings. But it was time to find shelter for the night, so they headed to the boarding house that the Temple of Morr had set up to house the many visiting Priests, who had come for the Conclave the next week (after the Day of Mystery). There they found a group of priests eating a simple meal peacefully, and Gutz proceeded to disturb that peace, dragging his now stinking side of beef behind him and eating from it noisely, and messily. But Valdric and Liesel were given rooms at the end of the hall on the second floor, which they retired to. As Valdric’s bodyguard, Gutz was told to sleep by his door int he hallway. Unfortunately, when he was done eating, and Valdric had already retired to his room. Gutz couldn’t remember the room number, so proceeded to clomp upstairs and open every room (surprising their inhabitants) before finally finding Valdric.

Notes (expand upon later)
Dirty robe, Valdric discards, becomes Gutz pillow. Valdric loses last shred of self respect and presents himself for breakfast in just a loincloth. The initiate quickly gets him a robe.
To University, LIesel notices they are being followed.
To the School of Ancient History. Liesel notices the tail again. Points her out, but Gutz has no subtlety and charges. Tail gets away. Gutz, Valdric enter the hall. Gutz picks up a student to find out where Profesor Gandeuff is, and drops student on his head. Students scatter. Find the professor’s office. Accuse him of collusion with Necromancers, questions about who he put into contact with the scholar. Intimidates, him, knocks over his shelf of scrolls, tears sheet out of a book to show the Soul Gem. Finally are convinced he is not involved. But even considering the treatment, he then gives them a possible lead (he wanted to do whatever he could to help fighting necromancy). Man with amethyst necklace could be a professor at the School of Magical Science.
Go downstairs. University Watch are investigating the assault on the student. Imperiously convinces them that Valdric is appointed by the Inquisitor to investigate enemies of the empire, and amazingly succeed.
Join Liesel outside and proceed to the School of Magical Science.



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