WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

March 14th - Minion of the Dark Reign found

An evil Doctor

Valdric recovers from the shock of meeting Selena, the 6 year old orphan walking with Hildette Kraus along the street outside of Dr. Schneider’s closed off. Selena is the spitting image of Lavina, Valdric’s love of his youth, who died with her entire family in a household fire. Images of her screaming while being burned alive have disturbed Valdric’s dreams every since. Who is this little girl? Lavina was a teenager when she died and had certainly never given birth. But Selena looks exactly like Lavina did when she was that age.

Valdric had been outside Dr. Schneider’s office, looking to confront him with his suspicions of involvement with Necromancy and the dead Necromancer Lazarus Mourn. But the office was closed and dark. As Valdric struggled with words, Selena looked at the dark window and with childlike innocence pointed to the window and said “I was in there!”. She explains she remembers now, she was strapped to a table when she woke up. The office was empty and she escaped. As she remembers more, Valdric learns that she and her father came to Stromdorf, going from Ubersreik back to their home in Aldorf. Her mother wasn’t with them – she was back in Altdorf. The last she remembers, she was having dinner with her father in a little restuarant, eating the best meat pie she had ever had. She remember her father saying he felt sleepy, then she remembers nothing else until she woke up on the table. Hildette Kraus tells them that she found her wandering in the streets late at night, calling out “Father, father!” a couple weeks ago.


Valdric went back to the Inn to gather reinforcements, and the law, to gain entrance to the deserted Dr.s office. Returning with Kurgi, Barrick and a member of the watch, they broke into the clinic. A search revealed no Dr., but in a lab in the back of the builidng they found a sea tank with an electic eel, human body parts floating in foul smelling liquid, and most damning, a human arm, cut open and with wires extending to the electric eel tank. In a locked cabinet they found a black robe, tomes of Necromancy (perhaps from Lazarus) and two letters. One seemed to come from a Necromancer, giving the Dr. advice on methods to reanimate flesh without magic. It also made reference to a name Sigfried, to a monk at Reiksguard and to something called “The Black Reign”. A second short letter from someone who signed simply “T” said that the writer would follow the instructions given to him to pay off his debt, a abhorent as they were, and would leave for Reiksguard immediately. Barrick strongly suspects that “T” is Thorin, the dwarf that disappeared a week ago.


Valdric and Captain Kessler take the evil items back to his office where Valdric ensures that the tomes are burned. Kessler promises to have his men search for Dr. Schneider.

The next day, Elisabet meets Joachim as promised early in the morning.. The storm is as bad as the night before Moving through the deserted streets, Joachim worries how they will work on repairing the boat in this downpour. But exiting the north gate of Stromdorf, he sees that she has directed the fisherman to erect a canopy over the dry docked craft. Elisabet immediately starts delegating tasks to Joachim. Watching Elisabet, it is clear that she is an experienced carpenter and boatswright, and seems to know exactly what she is doing. Joachim takes her direction and watches carefully, wanting to learn as much as he can from her. She is also quite pleasant to watch for other reasons!



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