WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

The Gathering Storm - Session 3

The session began with you waking at the Thunderwater Inn. Given the storm last night, the stress of the encounter, you were all tired and didn’t notice a lot of details as you entered town – you had went straight for the Tavern. Last night Dietrich had a couple of flagons of Ale and Birgitta a single. While both could typically handle that amount easily, Thunderwater is strong stuff and they both found themselves sleepy rather quickly and the whole party decided to turn in before they had really finished inquiries, deciding to get a fresh start the next day.

The next morning, Kurgi, Dietricht and Tharin were woken by Birgitta, literally kicking them out of bed. She is a lass who believes in “rising and shining” with the sun, and has little tolerance for layabouts.

Going down for breakfast, they found the inn full of townsfolk, having a fine breakfast and seemingly in a good mood. They learned that the inn was giving a free breakfast to anyone who would work on rebuilding the bridge this morning.

Soon, down the stairs came an ostentatious looking man – a Celestial Wizard. A young man with blue robes decorated with celestial symbols and an impressive staff topped with a clockwork of planets circling a sun. A long tube that Dietrich recognized as a telescope, an elegant dagger and a collection of scrolls hung off his belt. Niklas Schulmann was his name. A handsome man with a black forked beard and the smug self assurance of an eminent wizard. He had come to Stromdorf about a month ago, researching the wondrous confluence of winds of magic in the area. The townsfolk were very friendly to him and it appeared he had somehow gotten over their dislike of outsiders.

As the day proceeded, the stalwarts went here and there about town (man it stinks!) picking up details. Noticed how frequently lightening struck the temple of Sigmar across the town square from the Thunderwater Inn. Noticed how the townsfolk seemed completely accustomed to living in the rain – children played happily in the mud, wooden sidewalks gave a means to walk above the mud, streetside shops all had awnings to protect the patrons from rain. The center of the town square featured a well and a statue/shrine to Shallya.

The day ended at a fine eatery, The Stewpot. The owner and cook, Keila Cobblepot was a cute and charming hostess, and her pies were the best the stalwarts had ever eaten. Yes, Florian had come here as usual two weeks ago, had his dinner and turned in. He briefly chatted with the only other patron there that night, a local farmer named Reiner Holtz.

Also having dinner at the Stewpot was a group of Watchmen, who Brigitta immediately started conversation with. However after a time, Tharin broke the good cheer by intimidating the otherwise cheerful cook, forcing her to chug down a flaggon of ale, hoping it seemed to loosen her tongue with drink. Scared, she fled and the Watch decided enough was enough and put a stop to his brutish behavior.

The party is developing character. Thorian the dwarf bounty hunter, shrewd but very impatient with the exasperating activities of humans is skilled at detecting falsehood wherever he sees it. Birgitta, the female medieval version of a state trooper, complete with steely gaze. Dietrich the grey order accolyte who wishes he had the fancy robes of a celestial but who can turn on the charm when needed. And Kurgi, troll slayer, lover of ale and cleaver of the wicked.
(by D Greenwood – GM)



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