WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

Valdric and the University Bureaucracy - not a good combination

  • Group arrives at Altdorf.
  • Elisabet leaves to find the daughter of the Eidelweiss’s former owner, to present the boat as her inheritance. She holds back tears as she says goodbye, giving Barrick in particular a long last look.
  • Barrick recommends an inn to Sigmarund, the Holy Hammer of Sigmarund. He is however chagrined to find it a house of ill repute. Barrick gets the last laugh.
  • The group spends the night at an inn. The next day, Barrick has disappeared, leaving a note.
  • The next day they set off to find Selena’s mother. She can’t tell them exactly where she lives, given the imensity of Altdorf, but she tells them that her mother works at the University. Valdric, Sigmarund, Wally and the elf Aerion head there.
  • Arriving at the Univeristy of Altdorf, a student directs them to the administration building. Inside is a large room. On one side a counter stretches the length of the room. Clerks behind the counter assist students in their schedules and other administrative details. Long lines of students wait in front of each clerk, while other students wait on benches facing the counter. Valdric tries to cut in line to get information and is quickly admonished by a severe looking clerk to go to the end of the line. Angered, he decides to try upstairs.
  • Thus ensues an amusing scene as the group moves from one uncooperative scribe’s office to another, over two floors, until finally being sent to staff administration on the top floor. In the process they do learn that Selena’s mother Tiretta has not been seen for several weeks. There, a clerk recognizes Selena and is finally persuaded to give Valdric the address of Tiretta. She explains that Tiretta has been on leave for four weeks, for reasons unknown.

Session Note:
After the multiple encounters with the crime boss Clarissa, Savage decided that his character has become too smitten with the beautiful criminal to continue with the group, especially when he learns that she is also in Altdorf. He decides to retire Barrick and take up a new character, who will be introduced next session. Barrick will disappear for now, but the GM reserves the right to bring him back later as an NPC, just as former character Tharin entered the story several sessions ago. Note that Barrick secretly released Tharin last session, after coming to understand that he was coerced into helping the Black Reign and didn’t do so voluntarily.



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