WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

Ogres Among Us

And Valdric almost dies...again!

  • Session opens with party leaving Altdorf University, to find the home of Selena’s mother, Tiretta.
  • Get lost in the busy streets several times, Sigmarund notices a boy following them.
  • In the courtyard outside Tiretta’s flat, are ambushed by an Ogre Maneater.
  • The Maneater tramples a child while charging Sigmarund and Valdric. When Valdric hits it with a magical attack, it focuses on Valdric.
  • The party notices two young men also involved (including the tail seen earlier) and a Wizard. They realize that the Wizard is somehow controlling the Ogre magically. * * Sigmarund charges the Wizard.
  • Selena runs across the courtyard, running into a building.
  • The Ogre and Valdric exchange attacks. The elf shoots at the Ogre with his bow. The Ogre lifts Valdric up and throws him at the Elf. Both do damage but after several heavy blows . The Ogre moves to the elf and kills him.
  • Sigmarund injures the Wizard and he runs. One more attack kills him. The Ogre, released from his magical bonds continues his attacks on Valdric. He is torn between hatred for the Wizard and blood lust focused on the source of his wounds (Valdric), attacks Valdric again. Valdric falls unconscious.
  • For a moment, action pauses. Sigmarund sees hesitation in the Ogre and knowing he was somehow under the wizard’s control, holds his fire. The Ogre, his blood lust subsiding, sees his long time tormentor (the Wizard) dead and pledges a life debt to his killer, Sigmarund. He gives his name as Gutz Ironsides.
  • Selena emerges from the building holding the hand of a dark haired woman, her mother Tiretta.
  • Tiretta runs to Valdric and assesses his wounds. She asks for help to carry him up to her flat. Sigmarund commands the Ogre to carry him and Gutz complies. After giving him first aid, she sends Selena to fetch a local barber surgeon.
  • The surgeon sews up his wounds, and Valdric regains consciousness.
  • Meanwhile Gutz is given permission to take the elf’s body to somewhere private and eat him.
  • Sigmarund tells Gutz to watch over Valdric and leaves to visit the Temple of Sigmarund.

Play session note:
Steeve (Wally) has unfortunately missed several sessions as he is buying a new house. This should mean real internet for him (!) and a better connection when he rejoins. Paul (Sigmarund) has a second baby due any day now and puts his character on hold. He will send a message to Valdric and Gutz, commanding Gutz to guard Valdric but explaining that he has a private mission for the Sigmarite temple. Savage has retired Barrick and taken on a new character, Gutz Ironsides, an Ogre Maneater. The elf player has dropped out, leaving several openings. While we expect Steeve to return and eventually Paul, that leaves room for two new players.


As soon as Steeve comes back Valdric will sell Gutz to Wally for 1bp.
Gutz and Wally will be the warhammer version of Detritus and Mr Dibbler.

Ogres Among Us


Ogres Among Us

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