WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

Preparation for Departure and a new guest


Coming back to town in the early morning hours, the party arrives at the Red Bull Inn at dawn. Valdric takes the body of the Necromanceress to the Garden of Morr for final disposition. Wally goes off to see the donkey and purchase supplies. Barrick and Sigmarund go to the Castle to inquire about the dwarf Tharin, who was caught trying to assassinate the Captain of the Garrison.

After explaining that they hoped to gain information from the dwarf to the Captain, he allowed them the visit. In the cell, Barrick and Sigmarund convinced him to talk, a little, and he explained that he was coerced into the attempted assassination because of a life debt, and fear for the love of his life’s life, after making an error in a bounty hunt in Nuln that resulted in the clients wife and daughter being burned alive in a house fire.

Going back to the Captain, they learn that he intends to send Tharin to Altdorf, in chains, to his sister, Adele Ketzenblum. Adele is a witchhunter who is currently trying to crack the veil of secrecy around the Dark Reign, and he expects her interrogation techniques will be more effective than his has been. Hearing that the group intends on going to Altdorf, he agrees to release Tharin into their company on the agreement that they will deliver him to his sister. The Captain entrusts this to Sigmarund specifically, as he doesn’t trust Barrick.

At the Edelweiss, a passenger presents himself. Aerion, a high elf is bound for Altdorf and the dock master told him that Elisabet had filed plans to sail for Altdorf in the next day or two. Wally collects his fare and accepts him on board.



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