Barrick Mane

Hochland Bounty Hunter


Despite being 28 years old, Barrick looks much older due to his melancholy expression and grizzled appearance. At 6 foot 5, he sets the tone by just standing up.

His attire is functional at best; Barrick does not care for fashion or for the particular fine
tastes of the wealthy. He dresses simple and
ensures to keep himself as light as possible to
pursue his quarry.

His mood, contrary to most Hochlanders, is often
dark. His outlook on life is grim at best, and he views
people with distrust more than anything. However, he
can be quite friendly, to a certain degree, to those
who have earned not just his trust, but his respect as

Like most Hochlanders living outside the towns, Barrick lived on a rural farm along with his father, Jacob Mane, and his mother, Gerda. His father was a farmhand for the local lord while his mother often made cheap dresses for the local town, Gerzen. Being the only child, Barrick had lived a rather isolated life on the farm. His only comfort came in the form of hunting with his father, whenever the local lord would grant a temporary license to do so. Warnings to stay out of the Drakwald forest were heeded, and Barrick along with Jacob kept their hunting restricted to the nearby patches of forest. While it was done out of necessity for stocking up for the coming winter, Barrick had enjoyed hunting for the sport of it. The thrill in chasing his prey through the forest, and finally landing the killing blow.

A pivotal moment came in Barrick’s life at the age of 10. Holding up with local tradition, a priest of Morr had visited the Mane’s family with the intention of giving Barrick his dooming. Tradition held that once a child reaches the age of 10, they get their fate told to them. The ritual took place, and Barrick had received his dooming…

“The sword shalt bring no justice, only suffering to ones end.”

Barrick was told by his parents not to dwell on it, but Barrick continued to fear what it might mean. The notion that his fate was pre-judged by the Gods made him sick to his core. The idea that control of his own fate was snatched out of his hands by a priest of Morr was not bearable to comprehend.

At the age of twelve, during a trip to Hergig the capital of
Hochland, Barrick had witnessed a very impressive statue. He
asked his parents what the statue represented, and his mother
said, “That is the Goddess Verena, she represents justice,
knowledge and the law. She is also the wife of Morr.”
Barrick had asked, “What of the sword? What does that

“The sword represents justice, and delivers it swiftly to those
who deserve it.”

That had stirred thoughts within Barrick. The sword shalt bring no justice, only suffering to ones end? My end? But what if I was the sword that brought justice?

From then on Barrick had a very fine idea of what he wanted to be.

Barrick had soon thought to join the watch, and did so at the age of 16 as a raw recruit. He spent four years in the watch, but circumstances surrounding a local thief had expelled him from the watch. Time and time again this particular thief known as ‘Grimy Fingers’ would escape the law. He wasn’t a particularly good thief, but the town knew of him as a nuisance that wouldn’t stop thieving, and the watch would let him go time and time again. Feeling that this particular thief had escaped the justice of Verena far too often, Barrick set out to deal justice on behalf of the watch.

Naturally the watch commander was not too keen on finding out that Barrick had chopped the thief’s hand. Barrick never found out if Grimy Fingers had survived, since he was forced out of the town thereafter receiving a ‘friendly’ warning from the watch commander that the Thieves Guild would be looking for blood.

Fed up with corruption that was seeping through the town, and the apparent lack of justice being dealt out, Barrick took up the bounty hunting trade so that he could dispense his own measure of justice upon those that often escape Verena’s grasp.

Barrick Mane

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