Valdric Gruber

Initiate of Morr


Late 20s to early 30s. 6’ 2” 190lbs. Valdric always wears a plain black hooded robe. The hood is almost always up, obscuring his face at certain angles but never completely hiding his thin van dyke bread. His shoulder length dark brown hair is normally kept tied back in a pony tail, and his brown eyes are deep set. Valdric has a very noticeable limp, which doesn’t appear to hamper his basic movement too much but would all but eliminate any running potential. The reason for the limp is unclear due to the robe obscuring closer inspection of the offending leg (left leg).


Valdric grew up in a small farming village east of Kemperbad. His father was a farmer like most in the village, and his mother who died giving birth to him had been the village’s seamstress. Valdric spent his childhood learn-ing to work the land, tend to the animals, and play with his friends in the woods. As he grew older the games in the woods turned into hunting, and when he reached 16 summers the hunting changed from animals to wenches at the tavern.

Valdric’s daily life was basic but enjoyable for him. He and his father would wake before the sun rose, and together they would work the farm, performing all the tasks that needed their attention that day. The days they managed to finish their work before it was too late (and they too tired) they would head to the tavern together and meet up with friends. There they would drink, play games of chance or skill, and make passes at the serving girls with varying degrees of success.

When Valdric was almost 18 summers old his small village was attacked by a necromancer of limited power. The necromancer only managed to raise half a dozen skeletons and one zombie before being slain by a group of witch hunters that had been tracking him. Despite the low number of undead many people in the village were hurt or killed. Valdric suffered several deep wounds to his leg. The wounds quickly became infected and shortly after the battle Valdric fell into fitful fevered dreams.

For days he lay in a state of burning agony and sickness. His dreams filled with scenes of death and sickness spreading across the land. Valdric lashed out at these horrors in his dreams and screamed his defiance. During one such dream (which would turn out to be his last) Valdric could feel a pulling sensation, encouraging him to turn away from the horrors. The beckoning was too strong to ignore and so he turned from the pain, sickness, and armies of undead. The scene around Valdric completely changed, he was now standing in one of Morr’s gardens and he was staring directly into the face of Morr himself. The anger, fear, and pain all faded from Valdric’s being as he stared into Morr’s eyes. After what could have been an eternity or only a few moments Morr began to speak to Valdric “You can stay here, and rest.” as Morr spoke he gestured at the surroundings of the garden with a wave of his arm. “Or you can serve me.” Morr’s eyes flashed with anger as he continued. “That foul creature snuck into my home, and stole from me. His kind will not be tolerated.” As if an echo of Morr’s anger Valdric’s own anger flared up inside him again and he nodded in response. “Good” Morr whispered as he placed a hand on Valdric’s head.

Valdric woke with a start nearly falling out of the bed he was lying in. With heart racing he quickly look at his surroundings, but it took him a few seconds to realise he was in one of the backrooms of the barber surgeon’s house. It was then that Valdric remembered the attack on the village and he looked down at his leg, only to find it was completely wrapped in large bandages. Later when the surgeon came to check on him Valdric learned the infection in his wounds nearly killed him. The surgeon explained that he used knife and flame to excise the tainted flesh and save Valdric’s life. Valdric thanked the man, but deep down he knew it was Morr himself that spared his life.

This event caused a great shift in young Valdric’s life. Most people just resumed their normal life after the attack, but not Valdric. It was fine for the others to go back to what they had been doing before the attack, they didn’t make a deal with Morr. Valdric knew he had to seek out the Cult of Morr and join their ranks. When Valdric regained enough of his strength to travel he said his goodbyes to his father, gathered up his few possessions, and journeyed to Ubersriek where he was accepted into the local chapter of the Cult of Morr.

He has spent the past 11 years of his life as a servant of Morr, and will continue to serve until Morr calls him home.

Valdric Gruber

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