WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

Grandad, tell me the story!


“Grandpa Wally, will you tell me a story before I go to sleep? You know which one….The Frog Grenade!”

“Ok, boy. How did I know you would want that one! How many times have I told you it?”

“At least a hundred! So make it a hundred and one!”

“Ok, OK. Where should I start? With pincushion bounty hunter? "

“So there we were, creeping through the fog and forest, the evil Necromancers house ahead. Barrick, the bounty hunter, said he would take up a firing position, behind a rock. Lot of good it did him! The Priest stood there with his lantern, like he didn’t know which way to go. Ahead was the house, its windows dark.


Me, I moved forward, not afraid, dodging from cover to cover. I was like a cat. A black cat, in the darkest of night.

The Swashbckling sailor crept off to the forest off to the left. He was a bold one, that one. Once killed a troll, goblin king and giant, one after the other, one shot each!


The bounty hunter stood and shot towards the house. Suddenly arrows and bolts came from all directions. He screamed out, a human pincushion!


Then the Priest walked forward, like he owned the place – until HE got an arrow in the Arse! He ran around screaming like a stuck pig. With him distracting the enemy, I jumped quietly into the pond where I could see and not be seen.

I could see the one who shot the Priest, hiding in the woods, his beady white eyes stood out like a cats. Seeing a frog next to me I thought fast, picked it up and yelled “Goblin Grenade” and threw it at the guy hiding in the trees. He dropped and hugged the ground, scared out of his skin. The frog landed, and jumped away. I signalled to the Swashbuckler that it was his chance, and he thanked me and ran forward, skewering the guy hiding there with one strong thrust. I swear its true…the frog jumped up just then and sat on the dead guys face, croaking up a storm…



And thats the end!"

“Grandpa Wally, did it really happen just like that?” (this was a little ritual they went through every night at story time)

“Well mostly boy, but you know what I always say… "
(and they said in chorus together)

“No story is so good, it can’t be made better !”

A good Necromancer?

Sergeant Balthus Thalberg looked again across the dark room at the criminal Martin Wehrner, and wondered, again, how he had come to this. Allied with a murderer? Protecting a Necromancer? Loyalty, he thought. Loyalty to the Burgomeister. But can loyalty be taken too far? “too late for those thoughts” he said to himself.

“So, you are sure you know what to do?” he said to the other man.

“Yup sir. When we see them, start shooting”.. Wehrner laughed.

Sighing, the sergent calmed his voice and spoke. “Maybe we should go over it again, Mr. Wehrner. If Reinhold see them first, he will flash his signal lantern at us. Though if they are stupid enough to be carrying their own lantern, we won’t have any difficulty getting ample warning ourselves. Wait until they are approaching the pond, and you have a clear shot. WAIT for me to shoot first! When I take the first shot, you shoot at whoever is shooting at us the most. Stand about 6 feet back from the window – don’t go up to it. You will stay less visible then. You understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Wehrner shuffled his feed and asked “Tell me again where Metterling is?”

“He is moving around, but right now he is over there, behind that bush”. Balthus pointed.

“How do you see him, anyway? I can’t see nuthing. That man can melt into a forest better than Beiber!.”

“Spend a decade in the miliatary, you learn some tricks. Don’t look for him. Look at the trees and bushes, get an image of the patterns they make. Then look for where that pattern is broken.”

“I’m trying…still don’t see nuthin.”

The two were silent for a moment, then Balthus spoke again, quietly. “How did you end up here, body guard to a Necromancer.”

“Didn’t know he was no Necromancer at the time. Still not clear that he really is one. Don’t got no staff or nuthin.
But anyway, I was hiding out here when he and his ladyfriend arrived. Don’t know how, but somehow she seemed to know right where I was hiding – came right up to the bed and spoke to me. Cur, she’s a looker, aint she? Nice melons, and that tiny corset she wears makes them look like they will pop right out! Wish my wife would’ve worn clothes like that. Maybe I wouldn’t have….” he paused “And those gams! She took that cloak off, and I just about broke my buttons. Never seen women in Stromdorf walk around with their legs showin like that. Thought maybe she was the Doctor’s bed wench, but then saw that staff. Knew she was a wizard, she was. So the Doctor asked me who I was, and we went this and that, and he upped and offered em a job. Guard him and his wizard lady friend, and I get a gold coin! Wouldn’t see that in a year on the farm! When I saw the little girl though, so scared, and the wench, I wasn’t so sure, especially when I heard the screaming later. But its not like I had many options, you know? But then you and the Burgomeister showed up. How’d YOU get involved in this?”

“I’ve been his vassal for a long time, and when he asked me to go with him, I didn’t question” the Sargeant said. “But I had second thoughts too, when he shot the priests at the garden, and when he explained what he was trying to do, with the Necromancer and that gem that he said had his lady love in it. And when I realized what they were going to do with the serving wench. Always liked that one, and I think she had eyes for me too. But I’m nothing if not loyal. Anyway, I’m not sure I buy the idea that Necromancers are all bad. My mum’s granddad was from way south, the desert Kingdom. She used to tell me a story he used to tell her, about how Necromancers were a part of society then. Would bring people who died suddenly back, so their loved ones could say goodbye. Even pulled people near death back to the living, or so she said. Made them sound more like doctors, than evil Wizards. Who knows, maybe this Black Reign isn’t a bad thing…..”

“Shhh…did you see that? Thats likely them. Now remember, stand back, don’t move, don’t shoot until I do”.

They stood in silence behind the two windows, watching the faint light bob closer, passing between the trees, until they could make out figures. The big one separated and moved to the left, and disappeared between a pile of rocks. The one with the lantern stopped. “I think the one with the light might be the priest. He looks like he is wearing a robe.” Then a third figure, stepped forward and started across the weed filled clearing. Balthus, waited in silence, his bow drawn, until the fool was almost to the pond. Phhhft – the arrow was true and struck him, a clean shot. He reached back to get the next arrow when a stabbing pain struck though his thigh. “Ignore the one in the clearing” he wispered “Take out the one behind the rocks” He heard Wehrner’s bow twang followed by a satisfying grunt from across the yard, as it met its target. His own arrow followed, but then he was hit again himself, this time in the heart. His world went black…….

Wehrner saw the solder slump over and backed up a step, then shot another bolt at the big one behind the rock. Heard another grunt…and a welp as the one crawling in the weeds to the pond seemed to take something in the arse. Must be Metterling he thought…Then felt a stabbing pain in his own chest. He backed up….Not about to die now, not for some crazy doctor and his bitch. Backing up to the hallway, he saw Adler crouching down in the corner. He thought maybe he was crouching in terror, when Adler saw him and motioned to the cottage’s front door on the other end of the hallway.

Wehrner crouched in the dark, wondering how to get out of this. Try to slip out the door, into the fog? Go upstairs and hope they don’t see him? A picture of him jumping out of the 2nd story window and breaking his leg filled his mind. He heard a noise towards the Burgomeister and stood up, looking towards him…and saw the face of death looking at him! He cried out and ran down the hallway, and ducked into the stairwell. A moment later he heard the crack of two pistols and then Adler ran down the hall and into the stairwell as well, almost banging into him. “Damn priest” he heard Adler mutter under his breath.

They stood there together for a moment, breathing hard. Outside they heard someone yell “Fire in the hole…Goblin Grenade”. They both looked around frantically, but saw nothing near them.

Wehrner heard a noise in the room next door, through the wall. Sounded like someone big moving around. He looked back to the hallway, just in time to see a big man in front of him, a sword streaking down from above his head…..

Adler ran up the stairs, thinking fast. Hearing something behind him he turn and saw the dark Priest at the bottom of the stairs. Suddenly all the sorrow of his loss, his fear of the priest as well as his hate welled up inside of him. He turned and raised his one loaded pistol to fire…"

Just then a loud crash came from below as a man forced his way through the door. Adler, thinking fast, lept down the stairs, bowled into the man below and darted out the door…only to trip on the door jam. He fell headfirst into the ground… moments later he was dead, his head crashed in by a weapon wielded by the Sigmarite….

April 4th - Dr. Schneider's Villiany
And Elisabet shot on the Sumptrasse

In the aftermath of the brewery fire, the guard on Dr. Hartleib Schneider’s office left to help fight the fire. Apparently, Dr. Schneider took advantage of the lapse to recover his possessions. How did he know there would be a fire? Or has he been in town, watching for the opportunity all along?

Utterly disgusted with the ineptitude of the town watch, Valdric and Barrick haste to the the house of Hildette Krause, the midwife who was caring for the 6 year old Selena, concerned for their safety. Their fears were indeed justified – they find Hildette dead on the floor of her hovel, her throat slit. Selena was no where to be found.

Barrick notices the muddy tracks on the floor are of a distinctive color and is able to track them south on the Sumpstrasse back to the market square, where they turn west, seemingly toward the western Reikland gate.

There in the Market Square they find Kurgi and Dietrich, loading the map stones onto a cart. Dietrich has decided to take the stones to his college in Altdorf and seek the counsel of the eldars of the Grey order. Kurgi of course will accompany him. Wally has brought Professer Kopfchen to try to dissuade them from leaving, as the Professor hoped they would use the mapstones to re-energize the ancient elvin Waystone and end the curse of bad weather that has hung over the Stromdorf region for a thousand years. But Dietrich’s mind is set, and the Professor decides instead to accompany them to Altdorf.

Meanwhile, Joachim and Elisabet continue work on rebuiliding the Eidelweiss, pulled up on land at the docks outside the northern Altdorf Gate. A Keel Boat arrives and a man debarks and asks to be directed to a merchant. Elisabet whispers to Joachim that she knows the boat that they arrived in, and that until a few weeks ago, it was owned by a halfling family, the Riverfoots. She smells piracy. Joachim and Elisabet stop work to follow him through the Altdorf gate, and to arm themselves.

A new face enters the story. Sigmarund, a Zealot of Sigmar, arrives after a long walk from Ubersreik. He has been sent here to meet Lector Magnus and seek information concerning a hinted at evil organization, the Dark Reign. Back in Ubersreik, a member of this group was caught and captured. He died under torture before revealing any useful information, but had been carrying a message to a Dr. Hartleib Schneider in Stromdorf. The good Lector informs him that there is a manhunt for Dr. Schneider and suggests he ask Captain Kessler for more information. Exiting the Temple, Sigmarund walks past Valdric and Barrick as they ask Kurgi and Dietrich to delay their trip to help them seek the evil Doctor, and he overhears “We must go to Lazarus’s Mourn’s house, where we suspect Dr. Schneider will be found”. Sigmarund stops to find out if this is the same Dr. that he seeks. Indeed, it is!

Elisabet and Joachim pass by, having picked up their weaponry, only to see the suspect boat captain exit from Hanko Mucke’s merchant office on the Market square. They confront the man, who draws his pistol and shoots Elisabet in the chest. Joachim fires his crossbow at the man. A lucky shot pins him to the wall behind him. Wally thinks fast and grabs a handful of sand and flings it into the man’s eyes.
Elisabet_Shot.jpg Elisabet, fire in her own eyes, places her rapier at the blinded mans throat and demands that he drop his pistol and surrender. As blood streams down her back, Barrick approachs with his manacles. Only after the suspected pirate is shackled does Elisabet collapse on the ground from loss of blood. How fortunate that they are right outside the office of Barber Surgeon Rolf Messer, who hearing the shot, rushes out. They carry Elisabet into his office where his fast treatment stops her bleeding.

All these different events have brought everyone to the same place, the Market square. Kurgi and Dietrich loading a wagon, the Professor arguing with them. Barrick and Valdric, preparing to leave to seek out Dr. Schneider, now joined by Sigmarund, who has a similar goal. Wally and Joachim, having seen to the capture of the pirate, and ensured that Elisabet will live, decide to join them.

Together, they exit the Reikland gate into the foggy mist, bound south to the house of Lazarus Mourn.

March 28th - the Death of Nicolas
A collective exclamation of "Can we go now?"

Session opens with Joachim and Elisabet hard at work on repairing and upgrading the barge Eidelwies. Valdric, Barrick, Kurgi and Dietrich, with little else to do go and visit the dock. Standing under the tarp sheltering them from the driving rain, they discuss how to go about the task that the Professor had suggested to them. If they can reassemble the Map Stone and lower it into the river over top the Waystone capping the Nexus, the professer thinks the reassembled map stone will restore the power to the waystone and stop the leakage of Azure energy from the nexus. Maybe after centuries of damp and storm, Stromdorf would finally see sunny days again!.

After joking around that they would just tie the stones to Kurgi and lower the dwarf on a rope to do the work himself underwater, they ask Elisabet the carpenter/boatwright for suggestions on how to reassemble the stone. She suggests binding it to a wagon wheel of the right size might do nicely, which would then make lowering it into the water like an underwater chandeleir easy as well. But the actual placement will need to wait until this storm lets up.

There is a fair bit of debate about why the party should even care about doing this? Everyone is heartily sick of this place, and if the boat were ready today, would probably just chuck the stones into the river and sail north. But if nothing else, they do seem to be stuck in the town for the 3-5 remaining days needed to finish the repairs and laying the new keel.

Heading back into town from the docks outside the North Gate, Valdric goes to the Celestial Wizards room to relieve Kurgi who was guarding it, while the rest of the team heads to the Gaol to interrogate the wizard himself (Nicolas). There they again meet Hugo, the frustrated student of philosophy whose life has stuck him in Stromdorf, where finding someone to discuss theories of justice and individualism is as hard as finding a patch of dry ground. Hugo takes them into Nicolas’s cell and removes his gag. Nicolas is chained to the wall, his arms held away from his body, thus preventing him from making the motions that would be needed to cast a spell. He tries to win the party over to the idea that they help him get released so that he can continue his important work, but Dietrich sees through his lies and finally turns his back and leaves.

Back at the Thunderwater Inn, Diedrich and Valdric proceed to thoroughly search Nicolas’s room. What they DO find, and what they DON’T find, makes it clear that Nicolas’s explanations that he is on a mission from the college and his master is a cover story. He clearly is here in Stromdorf for his own purposes, to make that big discovery that will help him advance in the college, and to somehow gain control over the power of the nexus.

Meanwhile Barrick goes to the Barracks to see if there are any posted bounties. He learns of two, a Martin Wernher, a local farmer wanted for the murder of his wife (40 SP) and a Heinrich Hutmacher, a short, fat, bald lowlife wanted for muggery of little old ladies. (10 SP). Martin hasn’t been seen for a couple months, Heinrich for a couple weeks.

Kurgi becomes more and more concerned about the things that Hugo the gaoler said. His obvious sympathies for Nicolas makes them wonder if he may help Nicolas escape. Kurgi and Wally return to the Gaol, with the goal of both watching over it and keeping Hugo occupied for the rest of the afternoon. Wally and Hugo engage in a battle of wits, with Wally working a con to convince Hugo to part with some of his money, while Hugo fights back with lectures on the economy and the place of greedy peddlars in it. But after verbal jousting, Wally wears him down, not only stopping the lectures but selling him some writing charcoals. Kurgi struggles to hold down his annoyance at the conversation and amuses himself by sticking bananas from Hugo’s lunch into various of his body orifices.

Dinnertime comes and Hugo finally cuts conversation off and insists that they leave.

Nightfall comes, and everyone turns in. Wally in a private room, Diedrich sleeping in and guarding Nicolas’s room and Kurgi standing guard outside. Valdric is across the courtyard in the common room and Barrick in a different tavern, the smoking eel.

Sleep comes easily, for once, until eveyone is woken by cries of “Fire”. Jumping out of their beds, they see flames rising from the brewery across the courtyard. Valdric leaves the common room, which is in the north side of the burning building and stands outside in the courtyard, as memories of Lavina’s death by fire take over his thoughts, leaving him frozen in fear and sorrow. Wally however, seeing opportunity even in disaster, gather’s buckets to take outside to try to sell to the firefighters.

Kurgi and Diedtrich wait in Nicolas’s room. They both strongly suspect the fire is a diversion, that Nicolas has escaped and will appear soon. They have actually been waiting for this to happen. Sure enough, with a crash of blue energy, Nicolas appears in the room, letting loose a bolt of lightning at Dietrich. Following it with a glowing blue shield spell, he prepares himself to hold back Kurgi’s onslaught. But a mere acolyte is no match for a Troll Slayer with two axes and it takes just two blows to dispatch him. Shouting “You’ve ruined everything! You might have killed me, but its not the last you will see! I will follow you to your own end!” he falls dead.

March 14th - Minion of the Dark Reign found
An evil Doctor

Valdric recovers from the shock of meeting Selena, the 6 year old orphan walking with Hildette Kraus along the street outside of Dr. Schneider’s closed off. Selena is the spitting image of Lavina, Valdric’s love of his youth, who died with her entire family in a household fire. Images of her screaming while being burned alive have disturbed Valdric’s dreams every since. Who is this little girl? Lavina was a teenager when she died and had certainly never given birth. But Selena looks exactly like Lavina did when she was that age.

Valdric had been outside Dr. Schneider’s office, looking to confront him with his suspicions of involvement with Necromancy and the dead Necromancer Lazarus Mourn. But the office was closed and dark. As Valdric struggled with words, Selena looked at the dark window and with childlike innocence pointed to the window and said “I was in there!”. She explains she remembers now, she was strapped to a table when she woke up. The office was empty and she escaped. As she remembers more, Valdric learns that she and her father came to Stromdorf, going from Ubersreik back to their home in Aldorf. Her mother wasn’t with them – she was back in Altdorf. The last she remembers, she was having dinner with her father in a little restuarant, eating the best meat pie she had ever had. She remember her father saying he felt sleepy, then she remembers nothing else until she woke up on the table. Hildette Kraus tells them that she found her wandering in the streets late at night, calling out “Father, father!” a couple weeks ago.


Valdric went back to the Inn to gather reinforcements, and the law, to gain entrance to the deserted Dr.s office. Returning with Kurgi, Barrick and a member of the watch, they broke into the clinic. A search revealed no Dr., but in a lab in the back of the builidng they found a sea tank with an electic eel, human body parts floating in foul smelling liquid, and most damning, a human arm, cut open and with wires extending to the electric eel tank. In a locked cabinet they found a black robe, tomes of Necromancy (perhaps from Lazarus) and two letters. One seemed to come from a Necromancer, giving the Dr. advice on methods to reanimate flesh without magic. It also made reference to a name Sigfried, to a monk at Reiksguard and to something called “The Black Reign”. A second short letter from someone who signed simply “T” said that the writer would follow the instructions given to him to pay off his debt, a abhorent as they were, and would leave for Reiksguard immediately. Barrick strongly suspects that “T” is Thorin, the dwarf that disappeared a week ago.


Valdric and Captain Kessler take the evil items back to his office where Valdric ensures that the tomes are burned. Kessler promises to have his men search for Dr. Schneider.

The next day, Elisabet meets Joachim as promised early in the morning.. The storm is as bad as the night before Moving through the deserted streets, Joachim worries how they will work on repairing the boat in this downpour. But exiting the north gate of Stromdorf, he sees that she has directed the fisherman to erect a canopy over the dry docked craft. Elisabet immediately starts delegating tasks to Joachim. Watching Elisabet, it is clear that she is an experienced carpenter and boatswright, and seems to know exactly what she is doing. Joachim takes her direction and watches carefully, wanting to learn as much as he can from her. She is also quite pleasant to watch for other reasons!

March 7th - Elvish Filth

As Valdric deals with his emotional shock, Elisabet, the beautiful female carpenter/boatwright, visits the barge Eidelweis with its new owner Joachim with Wally and Barrick in tow. When Wally calls the broken-down barge “A door” with derision, Elisabet shows her affinity for all things nautical by giving him a dirty look and saying “Every water craft has its own inner beauty. I can see that she was built with love. Look at the pinion joints her in the bow, and how the mast is inlaid with ironwood. But her maker clearly had more love than boatwright skill. A craft like this, with 500 year old technology, is worth little on the open market, but she has potential. I can do something with this.” She gives Joachim some options. She can patch it up, and show Joachim how to keep it afloat for less than a crown. For two crowns, and a few days, she can do the job right, with Joachim’s help. But what she would most like to do is pull it into dry dock, fix her damage, strengthen where the design is weak, but also give her a keel. She will handle much better in weather, sail upwind with more grace as well as increase her market value five fold. But for that, she will need 5 crowns. Joachim knows the last is the right option, and vows to find the extra coin. They agree to meet back at the Thunderwater the next morning an hour before dawn. Elisabet goes off to procure materials, giving Wally another look of scorn.

All through this Barrick stayed quite. He had little to contribute to a discussion on boat design and repair … but could not take his eyes off Elisabet’s perfect face, long blond hair that somehow still glowed even in the rain and her statuesque form. But the world of love is a distraction, stopped himself from sinking into daydreams and vowed to keep on the object of his hunt, Thorin.

Back at the Thunderwater, Nicolas pleads with Diedrich to help him obtain the last of the lightning stones, which he thinks must be somewhere in the Temple of Sigmar. Diedrich finally agrees to investigate it only, not take, but only if NIcolas will share with him all his notes on the subject. Nicolas finally agrees, seeing no other option. Diedrich sees through his lies about the importance of the stone to the Empire and his stories about how he was sent on this mission by a conclave of wizards and finally gets out of him that he is but an acolyte on a quest of his own.

His notes are mainly details on his attempts to translate the ancient elvish on the stone, but one passage catches Diedrich’s eyes. It talks of an Aethyric Nexus upon which is laid a waystone to close “the rift”, with a reference to a “Warning”. Diedrich puts it all together and realizes the Azure wizards quest may not just be an academic one, but could pose serious danger. He vows that at all costs he must NOT let Nicolas complete the puzzle that, that up to now, he and his comrades have been helping him assemble.

Leading the others to the Temple of Sigmar he openly tells Lector Magnus of the stones, Nicolas’s desire to desecrate the Temple to find and take the final piece and the danger he thinks that would pose. The Lector, an ox faced man covered with battle scars, the neck of a bull and a twin tailed comet branded on his forheard, agrees. He takes them to the crypt to see if they can identify if the stone is indeed there. Kurgi’s eye for stonework spots a small point of white stone laid into the wall at its base, extending below the soil. Lector Magnus, loath to let anyone else alter anything in the temple, himself digs up the soil in front of it with a sword to reveal the final piece of the mapstone, complete with its cryptic writing.

As they talk about the need to leave it in its place and guard it against Nicolas, Diedich mentions its’ Elvish writing. This changes the Lector’s attitude completely. “It’s Elvish? I will not have Elvish filth in the foundation of this Temple”. He quickly pry’s it from the wall. Handing it to Kurgi, he exclaims “I agree it must not find its way into the hands of this Wizard, but neither can it stay here. Please take this from this place. If need be, we can arrest this wizard and hang him from the gibbet tree, if that is what is needed to keep him from it”.

After a quick discussion, Diedrich advises the others that they should take the stone to Captain Kessler. He will know what to do to keep it safe. Then Diedrich will send word back to his college to get counsel on his next step. No, arrest of Nicolas is premature – he has not yet committed a crime as far as Diedrich can see.

Running with the stone through the downpour outside, they bring it to Kessler’s office. The officious scribe Kasper Meyer insists that the Captain is not seeing visitors and that they must wait. Kurgi ignores him and barges into the office, his force of will breaking the scribe’s arm as he attempts to bar his path.

In the Captain’s office, Diedrich explains the situation, ignoring the whimpers of the scribe in the other room. The Captain quickly assesses the situation and directs the stone to be taken to the Gaol. But he quickly also decides to arrest Nicolas.

Taking the stone to the Gaol, the Captain directs the jailer to move the current three prisoners into one cell together to free up two cells: one for the stone and the other for the wizard. The stone is locked into one cell, but as the party prepares for their next move, lightening strikes the roof of the Gaol house. Realizing that the presence of the stone could end with the Gaol being smashed to rubble by repeated lightning strikes, Joachim suggests that, if the wizard is to be arrested, the safest place for the stone is in Nicolas’s room, where his contraption will draw off its energy and the lighning rod will dissipate any further strikes.

Rushing with the stone back to the Inn, they pass three watchman dragging Nicolas through the rain in the direction they came from, to the Gaol. Diedrich hopes they know enough to bind his arms and mouth – even in a Gaol cell, a wizard free to cast spells can be a dangerous animal.

Barrick, wanting to ensure for himself a good night’s sleep this time, opts to not stay with the others in the Thunderwater inn, and seeks a room at the Smoking Eel. He is not greeted warmly by its patrons, who prefer their tavern to be a local watering hole free of the presence of outsiders, but the owner does agree to give him a room. He sleeps soundly. Back at the Thunderwater Inn, Joachim also has his first good night’s rest since he came here. Kurgi and Diedrich are not so lucky, as they decide to take shifts guarding the wizard’s room with its stone fragments.

So, with the Azure wizard’s scheme thwarted, at least for now, what is their next step?

Session Time Stamp Feb 28th

Peddler Wally Mart (Steeve) joins the game
Valdric makes a discovery (Selena)
Joachim hires the capenter (carpentress?), retired boatwright and Norse Goddess Elisabet. Barrick is in love.
Gobspite’s stone is returned to Nicolas – but the puzzle isn’t yet complete

The Cast March 2015
Who is Who in Stromdorf

While we have not had posts for quite some time, much has happened since the hanging. I’ll try to summarize in another post, but here, at Cory’s request, is a cast list as it stands today.

Residents of Stromdorf
Notable Citizens and Town Elders

  • Burgomeister Adler
  • Watch Captain Arno Kessler
  • Marcel Gerber (Tanner’s Guild)
  • Sebastien Brenner & family (Brewer)
  • Heironymus Kopfchen, elder retired professor from Altdorf
  • Dr. Hartlieb Schneider, Physician
  • Niklas Schulman, Celestial Wizard

Brenner Family and Tavern Notables

  • Hans and Frans – sons and bartenders
  • Lauris – pretty serving wench


  • Gert Dreigo, Tanner
  • Lukas Kaltenback, Ferryman
  • Hildette Krass, Midwife
  • Selena – 6 year old Orphaned (presumably) girl, cared for by Hildette
  • Rolf Messer, Barber-Surgeon
  • Hanko Mucke, Merchant
  • Kaspar Myer (Captain Kessler’s scribe)
  • Eduardo Castillo Rodriguez, Estalian drunk (now sober)
  • Reinhard the Rooster, Minstrel and Poet
  • Hugo Spitz, Philospher Jailer
  • Sargent Balthus Thalberg, Sargent of the Watch
  • Tristan Eigel – Sole survivor of the Eigel farmstead
  • Gubo Ackerland – Family head of the Ackerland Farmstead
  • Flea – “They mostly come….at night….mostly”
  • Elisabet Schnoor – Carpenter, retired Shipwright and Norse Goddess
  • Otto Faust – Apothecary, was in jail last you heard
  • Denair Carnstein – Ratcatcher, friend of Otto, also in jail, last you heard
  • Foaldeath – Beastman shaman, also in jail, last you heard

Priestly NPC’s:

  • Lector Magnus Gottschalk, Priest of Sigmar
  • Initiate Chlodwig Fromm of Sigmar
  • Brother Theoderic Grabbe, Priest of Morr

Deceased Residents and Historical Figures

  • Florian Wechsler – Ubersreik merchant and beastman feast
  • Keila Cobblepot, Halflign Proprietress of the Stewpot Tavern
  • Waltrout Glockner, town drunk, Garden of Morr assistant and necromancer’s servant
  • Lazarus Mourn – Necromancer
  • Madriga – young wife of Sebastian Brenner, reputed lover of the Burgomeister, possessed zombie
  • The Holtz Family – Otto, Marie, Reiner, Fritz, Imelda, Klause, Liltte Otto, Hans, Ludwif, Erich, Johann
  • Olaus Stichelm – Revered hero of the town, 500 years ago saved the town from the retreating regiment of Von Carsteins Vampire army.
  • Gobspite – Goblin Shamman
  • Bulge The Troll
  • Reichart Gobbel – owner and captain of the Eidelwiess

Others – Name heard but otherwise little known

  • Franz Bieber – name heard in Tavern, but nothing else known
  • Fridrik UIlfsson, Town Miller

Background Story Cast – Rest of Empire

  • Lavina – Childhood friend of Valdric
  • Birgitta Tagelsclicht – Roadwarden, Kurgi bound to in debt of honor, departed town day of *trial (left a note saying “don’t follow”.
  • Helga Gobbel Seinfeld – daughter of Reichart and heir to the Eidelweiss
  • Reinhold Metterling – former resident, now Empire Marine, visiting Stromdorf to deal with death of mother.
  • Thorin – dwarf bounty hunter, comrade of PC Diedrich, disappeared on day of the trial, seen leaving through the North gate.
Session Time Stamp Feb 20th and 21st

Hero’s of the town no more.
Baumer farmstead and Goblin den deserted.
Joachim’s “trifecta” – Goblin Shaman, Troll and Squiq

Session Timestamp Feb 7th

Barrick (Savage) joins the game.
Barrick, Kurgi and Valdric awake to find themselves prisoners in the Goblin den at the Baumer homestead.
Kurgi fights the troll Bulge and dies, almost, again.
Valdric finds a little girl …“They mostly come at night….mostly”


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