WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

New Faces

Excitement in Town

Hans, what a day! Its been awhile since we had so many travelers at the Thunderwater all at the same time, and stories of beastmen attacks, and maybe even a real Troll – and now a trial and hanging! We haven’t had so much excitement since they burned Lazaros Mourn at the stake a year ago.

Its good to see Reinhold again. He’s living his dream, isn’t he! Soldier of the Empire. Too bad about his mother though. She was a good woman. We spent many a fine day playing at her house, me, Reinhold, Frederick Kaltenback, Hugo, Balthus, Waltrout. She cooked the best roast pig you have ever had. You were probably too young to really remember. Seeing him reminds me of what Waltrout was like then – and how he has changed. He was such a light lad, not a care in the world. And look at him now – scrounging dung, crawling through the mud – an embarrassment

What do you think of the hooded priest? Cagey one, that. Have you even seen his face? But I guess that’s normal for those Morrites. Though Brother Grabbe has always been friendly, not that we see him very often.

Did you hear what the boatman was saying? What was his name? Joachim? He’s lucky to be alive. Goblins in the north forest! Haven’t heard of them there for awhile. Seems like a good fellow. Too bad about his captain. Those 4 others I guess were on the same boat. And THEY sure have brought excitement to the town! Did you see that dwarf when they brought him in? He is another one who should be thankful that he is alive. Never seen someone so covered in blood…except someone dead! (ha ha)).

Anyway, we should turn in. Got to be fresh for tomorrow. With the trial and likely a hanging tomorrow, I’m sure the inn will be busy. It will be all hands on deck!

Klaus Brenner, son of Sebastian Brenner, proprietor of the Thunderwater Inn and Brewery.



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