WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

A Rude Awakening

And help from a local


The session opens back at the Temple of Morr, where the spy has just died. But not before she revealed a potential time and place the party could at last intercept the evil Dr. Schneider. It is near dinner time. Valdric is looking more stressed out than usual, if that is possible.

Presented with the option of going to a tavern for dinner, Valdric decides a noisy boisterous tavern is the last place he wishes to be and states his intention to return to the boarding house, take some food up to his room and try to rest. They return to the boarding house and Valdric and Gutz go inside.

Liesel finds herself alone on the evening streets of Altdorf. The sounds, masses of people, the smells remind her of how far she is from the forests that she loves, and how out of place she feels here. She feels lost. A passing woman notices her distress and asks her if she needs help. Introducing herself as Bobbin, she offers to take her to a small, quiet tavern she knows of. Liesel is a little annoyed that she insists on calling her Maam, but Bobbin says calling her by her name would be embarrasing – above her station. She is but a common cleaning woman.They proceed to the “Crossed Pikes” tavern and have a quiet dinner, getting to know each other.


As they eat, Liesel asks if Bobbin had heard anything about the death of a student, thinking about her brother’s murder a week ago. Bobbin had heard about it, but also tells Liesel of the death of another student, whose body was found near the University just yesterday. It was a much talked about subject, as it was somewhat strange. The student’s throat was slit, but there apparently was not the expected pool of blood at the scene. Hearing this, Liesel decides she must give this new information to Valdric as soon as possible. Bodies are usually laid to rest very soon after death, and if they wait until tomorrow the body may no longer be available to examine.

They finish dinner and walk back towards the vicinity around the Temple of Moor. Unfortunately, Liesel realizes she doesn’t know how to get back to the boarding house. But she describes the general area to Bobbin and she knows of a boarding house in that area. They quickly find it, and Liesel realizes that having an Altdorf resident as part of the group might be useful.

She suggests that Bobbin wait outside while she goes up to find Valdric.
Upstairs, Valdric’s door is closed and the Ogre Gutz is nowhere to be seen. She steps quietly to the door and listens for any noise from the room. She hears Gutz snoring – apparently Valdric allowed him to stay in the room this time.

She quietly opens the door, moves in but is taken aback by what she sees. Valdric lies on the bed naked, the bed covers wrapped around his head, apparently to dampen the sound of the Ogre’s snoring. Gutz is sleeping on the floor, blocking any path she might have to get to the bed.

She whispers Valdric’s name, trying to wake him without waking Gutz, but it fails to get his attention. Thinking quickly (perhaps too quickly!) she pulls out her dagger and tosses it to the bed near his foot, hoping its fall will waken Valdric. It works, but only too well, as the knife impales his ankle. Valdric awakes with a scream. Gutz is immediately awoken by the scream and starts swinging his club around, thinking they are being attacked. Liesel quickly backs out of the room, to wait for him to calm down. When he has done so she reenters the room.

Meanwhile an altercation happens outside, when a young man runs from a neighboring building shouting that his father has been stabbed, calling for a doctor and the watch. As the watch show up, a man holding a box enters the boarding house and walks upstairs, following the sound of the commotion in Valdric’s room. He enters the room just after Liesel does so.

Liesel does not hear the man behind her, and after asking for her dagger back, starts to tell them of what she learned about the new student’s death. Valdric goes into a rage, asking how her dagger ended up in his foot. But Liesel persists and recounts what Bobbin told her. However she gets some details wrong and the man behind her whispers corrections into her ear, revealing that the man is actually Bobbin in disguise. Bobbin attempts first aid on the priest, but cannot stop the bleeding.

Eventually Valdric and Gutz calm down. Valdric agrees with Liesel that they should go immediately to the temple. Outside, they hire a rickshaw and arrive shortly after at the temple. They are allowed to see the body, but can find nothing unusual beyond the slit throat, though Valdric has a feeling that he is missing something. As it is night and everyone is either fatigued or stressed, they decide it is time to sleep. Valdric and Gutz proceed to their room.

LIesel tells Bobbin that she would prefer not to sleep at boarding house after the upset she caused earlier and asks if she can suggest an Inn. Bobbin knows however that with the Temple of Morrs conclave just a few days away, that all the inns and boarding houses in the area have been leased by the temple to house the many visiting priests. But she knows of a woman whose house she cleans and who has a room that she leases out. Going there she finds indeed that the room is available. They agree to meet early the next morning.

They return again to the temple to talk with the Inquisitor. Afterwards, the priests notice Valdric’s distress (in game terms, even after a good nights sleep, his stress is still two over his willpower!). They offer to allow him to rest in a very calming room they have for priests who need rest, and offer him some calming black rose tea. He accepts. Liesel and Bobbin exit the temple to try to learn more about the death of the student. Bobbin finds a friend, who knows a friend, who knows a friend who actually witnessed the discovery of the body and directs them to the block where he was found. It is in a block outside the University walls, a sort of dormitory space for students.

Going there, they find the spot where the body was found. Nearby they find a pamphlet of some kind and pick it up. But they are seen by two proctors (university watch) who insist that they leave the area.

Char_-_The_Rose.jpgBack at the temple, Valdric has awoken and he and Gutz leave to go to the Temple of Shallya. There he meets and questions the stern matron who treated him a week ago,. He hopes to learn something that would lead him to the Black Reign member “The Flower”, who was known to be a priestess of Shallya. But learns nothing useful. They start to leave the temple, but Valdric’s intuition leads him to return to see the priestess again. He finds her being interrogated by an elderly woman, apparently the High Priestess of the temple. She seems unusually interested in why Valdric was there, and what questions was he asking. Valdric confronts her, essentially accusing her of being involved with the Black Reign, but she proceeds to have him thrown out from the temple. Very suspicious!
Valdric and Gutz return, again, to the Temple of Morr, and meet Liesel and Bobbin, who have also returned. Valdric reads the Pamphlet. It is an announcement of the lecture by a renowned professor, Dr. Marilyn Beyer on the subject of Healing Herbs of Sylvania. It describes her as a popular, dynamic speaker. The speech was two days ago, the same night as the death of the student. Valdric immediately makes the connection (or should we say, jumps to the conclusion) that the professor must be a vampire. They meet with Inquisitor Braun and explain their theories. He is incredulous. He say, accusing a High Priestess of Shallya is a very serious thing, and requires much stronger evidence than they seem to have. And Professor Beyer? His principle reaction to seeing the pamphlet is regret that he wasn’t able to attend himself. She is a wonderfully dynamic speaker, who can make the most innocuous subject seem like knowledge that is key to life. A striking woman at that. Her a vampire? Nonsense!

Back on the street, the group discusses what to do next. The predicted meeting with Dr. Schneider is tonight. It is at “Dr. Taxen’s house” – but who is Dr. Taxen? Once again, having a local proves valuable. Bobbin has heard of Dr. Taxen, and knows where he lives! She leads them through the side streets until they have a vantage point where they can see the large house in the expensive western district, just a couple blocks from the Temple of Verena. And so, they devise their plan….



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