WFRP3 - Darkness and Light in the Empire

Rooftop Chase

A lead to Dr. Schneider


Summary courtesy of Cory.
Valdric and Co. (Gutz and Liesel) went to Prof Windbag’s office and met a man there. The man claimed to be windbag’s assistant and he was messing around with a few books. Valdric and the man had a bit of a chat, Valdric decided to confiscate the books. The man invited the group to lunch. Gutz tried to eat a book.

At the tavern Gutz wasn’t treated well / wasn’t served in a prompt manner. There was some sort of fight or property damage (I think). Valdric “rushed” out with one of the books and told Gutz to drop a yellow thing before leaving, which he did.

Valdric and Co. went to the Temple of Morr “for lunch”. Valdric just wanted to report in, and hand windbag’s assistant off to the inquisitor. Before getting to the temple Valdric and Co. were joined by Sven and Ellesbeth. Valdric and his ever growing retinue (a.k.a pains in his ass) entered the inquisitor’s office and Valdric reported on what he had learned at the University. Of course the temple wasn’t any help in identifying the location of the amethyst order’s secret laboratory, but Valdric did get an official writ of authority from the Inquisitor. Gutz fell asleep during the long conversation. Windbag’s assistant (a grey wizard) was questioned and it was decided that Valdric would be saddled with another burden, somehow the boat captain and terribly low INT apothecary joined the investigation as well. Valdric cried inside. Valdric also managed to get the temple to agree to look through their records for any information about the dead boat owner’s next of kin.

Outside: Valdric was planning on going to the Amethyst Order’s college to poke around. Jeanette’s character spotted the person that had been spying on the party, she went after said person. Valdric distracted the big dumb ogre. The wizard went after the spy too. They ended up nearly killed the spy on the rooftops. Ellesbet investigated the missing party members and after finding the two of them standing over a nearly dead woman, went back to fetch Valdric. Valdric arrived shortly after the watch arrived.

Valdric flashed his writ, informed them he would be taking over and told the men to go track down a thief or whatever else it is watchmen do. The spy was loaded onto the rickshaw with Valdric and they rushed back to the Temple of Morr. People were questioning Valdric’s judgement saying the dying spy needed healing. Valdric pointed out to the Inquisitor that the temple of Shallya is infested with at least one member of the black reign and finally people stopped bugging the priest about his choice.

Valdric was able to ask three questions before the spy died. There was a bit of an out of character discussion about what to ask because I wanted to let other players have input if they wanted to, most didn’t. The questions ended up being basic, who are you meeting, where are you meeting them, and when. The answers were given and the spy promptly died.
Who: Dr Schneider
When: Tomorrow night, 10 oclock
Where: Dr. Taxen’s house.



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